Never too late

I understand hashtags (#) have been a common use of reference for social media platforms but I have finally clicked on to what it is all about. Thanks to the help of a fellow student in my Digital Marketing class who posted an interesting article of our Google+ community.

The article is called 4 ways marketers can use Facebook hashtags by Andrea Vahl. “Using a hashtag # (or pound symbol) in front of a word or phrase turns the word into a clickable link.” This statement encapsulates the concept of hashtags in a comprehensive way for me. I now understand that hashtags are used as search tools for businesses and users who wish to promote their page or company.

It was interesting to discover that hashtags can be used in many useful ways. Such as expanding your social media presence, branding and from a business’s prospective, promoting specials & events. The article Build your brand with hashtags further expands on these examples.

The article also offers helpful tips on how and when to use hashtags.  For example, by nature hashtags are usually short and easy to use. For example, a news and ideas website poses similar tips on hashtags. . This makes using them more appealing for social media participants (like bloggers) who can easily use them to link others to pages with similar postings as they work like URL’s.

The most fascinating features about hashtags are that they do not need to be registered or have any database of approved and is virtually free. Here is an example of a small business using hashtags as a source of marketing.

I have recently started working on marketing campaign for a small West Auckland business and once the company page is online I intend to use the power of #’s.  I believe hashtags can be a very beneficial tool for businesses to use.


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