Teens don’t care!

I always wondered when this day would come, when Facebook would inevitably lose its appeal. It has already started with the teens.  I recently read a blog by 13 year olds perceptive. I’m 13 and None of My Friends Use Facebook.

It states the reason for this can be due to the fact that there are so many social media platform to choose from. Such as Instagram, SnapChat and Vine (which I am unclear of) – this could be due to the fact I am not a teen.  A study done by Pew Research Centre found that 77% of online users (ages 12-17) use Facebook.   The reason behind this being that more and more adults are joining and is now no longer seen as “cool” by the younger generation.  For someone whose from the ‘funky’ older generation, it’s a bit of a stab too that heart to been seen as making something uncool!

On the contrary found here, Creator of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg believes this to be untrue and argues that close to 100% of all teens use the service.

Most teens did not have Facebook when the commodity of it was so high because of its age restrictions. Now when teens are of age to sign up, new competitions have emerged.  It also suggests that this can be due to online bullying and unnecessary marketing ploys generated from interest based “likes”.

See here for online bullying statistics.

Social media such as Instagram and Twitter avoids such push marketing. The blogger comes to the realisation that “Facebook has been trying too hard. Teens hate it when people try too hard” which in my opinion is not true. As teens tend to go with the “herd” and want to be accepted. 

Therefore I believe the drop is due to the increase of different platforms and complicated new designs. Personally I am glad to hear such news because now when I go on Facebook I will not have to witness improper use of the site.


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