Embeded Post

Facebook has just rolled out a new feature that adds yet another dimension to marketing. This feature is only available to a small group such as CNN, Mashable and Bleacher Report.  These publications can now embed Facebook post onto their websites.  Found here is the article that gives you the insight.

This new feature is not yet available to everyone but will be soon once the privileged whitelist users find success.

The article gives the step by step instruction on how to embed a statuses, videos, photos and hashtags. Another great information found in this article are tips on how to use it to boost your marketing.

Ways in how to use embedding are:

  • Embed the post where you held the chat and pull out few questions (and answers) for your blog visitors to read.
  • For company’s its may be useful to look what similar companies have posted on their page and if it is industry news to incorporate it on your website.  This is called NewsJack.
  • Facebook promotions such as the most clever and insightful post on your page can be used to draw out winners and this winners post can be embedded in your official website.
  • Embedding press release like new product launch can reach your fans on Facebook and Company website.

Other ways to use Facebook embedding to your marketing advantage can be found here.

See here for what the competitors like Twitter and Instagram are doing.

Facebook embedded posts allows your website to still have the interactive and rich content that your company Facebook page receives.



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