Google AdWords Reflection

This semester of my Business Studies we had to run a Google Ad Words campaign for a real life business. My chosen business was NCI– a sign installation company based in West Auckland.

This blog is a reflection on how I felt the campaigns went and how I felt about the experience.

It has been a learning experience from the beginning because I had never heard of Google Adwords and how it worked. After been given a very intense and information filled lecture, I was left more lost than ever.  This has all been a self-taught experience that I wish I was given more information on to have done my project better.

Most of what I knew about Google AdWords was received from friends, lecturers and online. Upon the 14 days of running the campaign, the first week was spent learning how to bid on words, what words to use and how much to spend on them. The most difficult part of running campaign and being a beginner is understand how the bids work. I thought once bids were set as automatic is will apply for words over my set bid but that was the mistake that cost me a whole week of clicks. This is a mistake I will never repeat again and I advise all gain as much information of it before you start running a campaign.

Apart from the negatives I can see how this tool can be very beneficial to businesses. Found here are some advantages of Google Adwords. Once I had gotten used to using AdWords, I believe my partner and I become quite good at it. We know exactly what words to use which ones to pause and how to use our budget. Find here success stories from businesses that have used Google AdWords.

I have learned a lot from this experience and would like to use this for small business I am currently working with.

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