Don’t know what to say? Here’s the answer.

I am sure this has happened to a few of us. When we are given a topic to research or worst told to find our own topic to do an essay on. The hardest part I have found is that I never know where to start. What’s something interesting I should write about? And once I found the topic will others find it interesting? These are question that always have me double guessing myself. But after reading this article, I have found a lot of useful tips that can make my score of a B into an A.

This article teaches about “How to turn a boring topic into a brilliant one”. For example taking the concept of a coffee mug and brainstorming. This brainstorming process should start with noting down the basic like What, Where, When and How. Once these questions have been noted, do a simple Google search on the topic and the number of results you will have will astound you. Also do a Yahoo Answer search which will give a lot more information too.

This will give you information on what people think about that topic rather than you having to rack your brain figuring out how you feel start with how other feel about it and see where you agree or disagree with the topic. I know the example of coffee is very broad but if you were to switch it around to more pressing issues imagine the results will get.  Another great place to find information is on social media this is where you will find direct information and case studies that can be incorporated into your work.

But if you are having problems brainstorming here are some great tips on brainstorming. Good things to remember is when brainstorming there is no right or wrong answer the more ambiguous the better because that will open so many other channels for you.  Found here are also some sites that can be used for brainstorming ideas.

I hope this has help.




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